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DIY Christmas Wreath.

I made my first ever Christmas wreath!

Myself and two friends decided to do a wreath making class together this month and it was SO good. We had so much fun creating our wreaths and, even though we all had the same foliage and decorative pieces, all of our wreaths looked totally different.

I decided to go heavy on that ‘busy’ look for my wreath – anything to distract people from our ugly front door! It’s crazy how much foliage you actually use when creating a wreath. There was so much on our tables and we pretty much ended up using it all!

The workshop we did was hosted in the beautiful Cotswolds by a lady called Lynne¬†and we were inside the cutest little barn. All of the tables were positioned at a distance and there were 15 of us in this workshop. We also wore our masks when we weren’t seated at our tables. Mince pies and hot chocolate were provided too and it was just such a lovely and festive activity to do. It’s really got me in the Christmas spirit!

I did try and take some photos whilst I was there, but unfortunately it was just way too dark. So myself and Kieran ventured out on Friday to take these photos. I wanted bright and natural light to really show off the wreath – I’m very proud of it! I’m not usually that great at creative things, I don’t really have the patience for it, but between this wreath and my festive gingerbread, something has gone right recently!

Have you made your own Christmas wreath before?