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Festive Activities You Can Do Indoors.

Feel festive at home!

It’s been quite the struggle to leave our homes this year hasn’t it? And this month is no different. So I thought that I would put together a post with lots of different festive activities, so that you can feel festive at home!

I really do enjoy life’s simple pleasures, so I’m always thinking of little things to do and ways to make the most out of being at home. I’m a complete homebody, so I actually love being at home anyway. So here are a few ways to make the most of this festive season at home:

  1. Bake gingerbread or cookies and decorate them
  2. Watch a Christmas movie with all the snacks, candles and blankets that you can find
  3. Put together a cheese board to eat whilst watching your current fave TV show – nothing says festive like an indulgent cheese board!
  4. Write your Christmas cards with Christmas songs playing in the background
  5. Wrap your presents whilst watching your favourite Christmas movie
  6. Decorate your home for the festive season
  7. Make and enjoy festive hot chocolates – (I have a post coming soon with a few ideas!)
  8. Try making mulled wine or cider. Pop in a travel mug and head out for a Winter evening walk
  9. Walk around your local area to see all of the Christmas lights (okay so technically this one isn’t indoors, but it’s still something we can all do!)
  10. Put together, or find online, a Christmas themed quiz to do over Zoom/video call with friends or family. We do an online quiz every week on a Thursday with Jay – he’s doing some over the festive period and I can’t recommend his quizzes enough, they’re so good.
  11. Complete a Christmas puzzle with your partner or family
  12. Play a board or card game, but try and find festive editions of them instead!
  13. DIY your own Christmas cards and/or Christmas presents
  14. Create a peaceful area in your home with cushions, blankets and fairy lights to cosy up in and read a Christmas book
  15. Try new festive recipes and cook something different for dinner every week
  16. Start creating a scrapbook with photos from this month and use crafty bits that are festive!
  17. Set up your Christmas table early and experiment with it, using inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram
  18. Grab an empty jar and fill it with fun date ideas to pull out on an evening when you’re stuck for ideas on what to do
  19. Make festive cocktails and have a fun evening!
  20. Purchase a Christmas-themed adult colouring book – these are great if you get feelings of anxiousness throughout this month

What activities have you been doing indoors this month to feel festive?