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How To: Have A Festive Night In.

The ultimate festive night in…

This year feels a little different doesn’t it? Especially with yesterday’s news… It’s not what any of us wanted to hear and it’s left us all feeling disheartened and a little less festive too. So I thought I’d put together this post, sharing how you can have the ultimate festive night in!

Firstly, you need to pick a Christmas film to watch. If you’re stuck and don’t know which one to choose, I put together a big list of a few of my faves to help you decide. The Holiday is an absolute classic and is one you’re all sure to love.

Next up, decide what to eat and drink! Make yourself a festive hot chocolate, a festive cocktail or a warming mulled cider. Then put together the ultimate festive buffet of snacks to enjoy whilst watching your film. A tub of chocolate, candy canes, matchmakers, tins of crisps, all the cheese and crackers – you get my drift!

Turn on the Christmas tree lights to feel super festive and light your favourite Christmas candle. Fill your home with the magical scent of Christmas! I love my B&BW Warm Apple Pie candle – it completely epitomises Christmas and smells good enough to eat.

Make sure you grab all of your cosy blankets and pop on your favourite festive pyjamas for optimum comfort levels. Snuggle up and enjoy your festive night in…

If you’re not feeling festive after this, then I don’t know what will! Take some time for yourself and have a proper chilled Sunday evening. I’ve also put together a post featuring 20 festive activities you can do indoors – so if this isn’t up your street, hopefully something in there will be. Read here!

How would you have a festive night in?