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Lumie Light Review: Are They Worth It?

Is investing in a Lumie Light worth it?

If you’re someone like me, who absolutely hates the sound of an alarm with every ounce of your being (dramatic, I know), then 100% yes. A Lumie Light will definitely be worth it for you. If you also suffer with SAD, then a Lumie Light will make Winter a lot more bearable. There’s something about waking up more naturally and slowly to natural light. It’s much more peaceful than the shock you get from an unbearably loud alarm sound.

The Lumie Lights do have an option of an alarm sound, however you can adjust the volume of it. Or you don’t even have to have it on at all. I find that the light wakes me up nine times out of ten at the specified time. Sometimes I’ll wake up five or ten minutes after my alarm time, but only if I’ve had a late night!

I have the Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Wake up to Daylight SAD Light {aff link}. I didn’t want to spend too much money, just in case it wasn’t something that would work for me. So, I waited for this one to go into the sale. This is something I would recommend doing, especially if you don’t want to spend too much money on one.

I could go into all of the settings and everything, but to be honest I probably don’t use it to it’s full potential. I simply use it as an alarm to nicely wake me up in the morning and that’s it! I’ve used the sunset function a couple of times and it’s lovely to drift off to.

They’re quite simple to set up – I set my alarm by holding down the alarm button (it looks like a bell). I then set the time I’d like to wake up by changing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. You then press the middle button to confirm your hour setting, and again to confirm your minute setting (for example, 7 (hour) 30 (minute)). Your light will then glow on the brightest setting, which is something you can change by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. Press the middle button again to choose the volume of your alarm sound (I opt for 0 because no thanks!) and finally press the middle button to confirm all of these settings. Your alarm is now set! To cancel your alarm, press the alarm button once and the bell icon next to the time will disappear.

which will make your light glow on the brightest setting, and then press the alarm button once more which will turn the light off.

I’m not going to make any bold statements and claim that this light is a miracle worker, as it will do different things for everyone. If you have a great night time routine, then having one of these light’s would be a great investment. However, if you go to bed quite late and are a deep sleeper, then I can’t promise that one of these light’s will work wonders for you.

I’m also not a morning person at all and I do love my lie in’s. However, I do wake up a lot happier now with this light. I’ll never be an early riser, but with this clock I find that it’s much easier to wake up earlier. I don’t dread waking up to the horrible sound of a loud alarm now and that’s huge progress for me! I prefer a slower rise and nicer welcome to the morning and this light does just that.

Do you own a Lumie Light? What are your thoughts on them?

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