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Make Your Bathroom Safe With These 3 Stylish Products.

Make Your Bathroom Safe With These 3 Stylish Products

When it comes to safety, the first word that comes to mind is not style. Safety feels sturdy, solid, and sizable. Whether it is a handrail or a lock, making a room secure doesn’t seem to meet stylish expectations. But this has to end now! Safety and stylish can work hand-in-hand to create a unique interior. 

Your bathroom is the most commonly overlooked area in the home. Did you know that bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places at home? Most people are likely to hurt themselves in the shower or the bathtub. Slippery floors are the most likely culprit, but it isn’t the only danger that lurks in your bathroom. Indeed, skin rashes, hair loss, skin burns, and infections can be triggered by some of your favourite beauty products. The cute little bottle that promises glowing skin could contain harmful ingredients that can leave lasting marks on your face. Eww! So here are stylish ideas to turn your bathroom nightmares into safe and stylish dreams:

No more falling

Contrary to common belief, falling in the bathroom has nothing to do with old age. The bathroom tends to be slippery by nature, so regardless of how stable you feel on your legs, you could slip and fall. Simple changes could dramatically reduce risks. For instance, a shower curtain is more likely to keep moisture long after you’ve washed. They can lead to the formation of unpleasant puddles in front of the shower or the tub. If you’ve got the opportunity to replace your curtain by an elegant shower door, you could keep most puddles at bay. Another simple hack is to add bathroom mats in front of the shower, sink, and tub. You can find plenty of stylish non-slip sets that are colour-coordinated to fit in your space. 


Some fancy greens

Do you struggle with mould patches in the bathroom? Unfortunately, old properties can have a somewhat lesser effective ventilation system. As a result, moisture can accumulate in the corners, in between the tiles, and on the ceiling. The problem with mould patches is that they are almost impossible to remove. You can treat the area against mould spores, but as soon as the moisture levels rise again, the spores are back. It’s not just frustrating; it can also affect your health. But if there’s no way to improve your ventilation system without breaking the bank, you can turn the bathroom into a lush garden. Houseplants can give new life to your old wetroom, creating a stylish and mesmerising decor. Additionally, bathroom plants absorb the excess air humidity and capture airborne pollutants. Bye-bye mould patches, hello green paradise! 


Clean and sustainable products for you

Last but not least, how safe is your bathroom cabinet? We’re all guilty of trying too many beauty products, some which are not suitable for our hair or skin. Choosing the right products may not seem like much, but it can completely transform your beauty routine. From customised shampoos that meet your needs to natural skincare potions that tackle all your complaints, it’s time to refresh your beauty routine with safe products that make you look good. On the plus side: Customised and nature-friendly beauty products look good on the shelf! 


Bathrooms are the place where you’re more likely to come to an injury at home. But creating a safe area doesn’t have to compromise with your style. On the contrary, you can add elegant and thoughtful elements that give a fun twist to your decor while keeping you safe.