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Making Our Home Festive.

Decorating and making our home festive for Christmas!

Ok, so this definitely happened in November and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve always been an advocate of getting the decorations out in November and this year it just felt right didn’t it. We all needed a bit of festive cheer earlier than December… Everyone on Instagram was making me super jealous too, with having their trees up!

Due to us only renting, we don’t tend to put a lot of decorations up and especially not this year because of the cats… They’ve already emptied a bauble filled with glitter and chewed poor Mr Snowman! So, you can bet when we buy our own home that I am going to decorate it until my hearts content – oh, and also have a closed off lounge area where the cats can’t go and destroy my decorations!

The Downstairs Tree…

Oh the tree, she’s a little beauty and I love her. We snapped her up in the sale a couple of years ago and I’m so glad that we did. I’ve gone for a gold theme (obviously) and lots of glitter too (obviously again) and this year I decided to add a few hessian bows which I LOVE. That ‘classy’ style of Christmas tree that is absolutely full to the brim is my kind of thing and I can’t wait to create a tree like that when we buy a home (with a closed off lounge because of the cats… You get it!).

Our small baubles are from B&M, along with the glitter filled ones, and our big glitter ones are from M&S. The hessian material I bought off of eBay and I tied the bows myself, hence why they’re a little rustic… Our lights are from our local garden centre and we got two sets! Then our light up star is from B&Q.

The Upstairs Tree…

Our little mini gem. I love this tree because it’s my ‘sentimental’ tree. Each bauble has meaning, or has been gifted to us by a family member or a friend. I’ve always wanted a tree like this and this year, I might add a few polaroid pics too! It’s only a little tree that I bought off of eBay and I love settling into bed for the evening with the Christmas tree lights on, reading a festive book – it’s so peaceful.

The Decorative Pieces

I love our snowy Christmas tree bottle lights so much! They’re so cute and they’re from B&Q too. Their Christmas decorations last year were fab, I have to say. We’ve hung these along the shelves in our lounge and they look so pretty there.

I completely fell in love with Mr Snowman and practically begged Kieran to take him home with us. It helped that he was only £10 too! Unfortunately, his carrot nose has been broken since last year so he doesn’t look as cute anymore… Gutted.

Our light up window star has been placed in our bedroom window and really ties in well with the outdoor lights we’ve got up too. It has a timer that means it switches off automatically after 6 hours, which is great! I want another one for our spare room window now… I believe this light up star was also from our local garden centre – we basically went in January when they had everything on sale and we snapped up some great bargains.

Our light up Christmas parcels are covered in glitter and so is the rest of our house now! We place these under the Christmas tree downstairs to fill the empty space between the bottom of the tree and the floor. However, this year we may have to move these upstairs because of the cats. Another bargain from our local garden centre and my mum has these too!

I hope you enjoyed this little mini festive tour, I always love having a little nosey at other people’s decorations – I usually end up swooning and wishing I had a big country house that I could decorate! Anyone else?! The worst part about Christmas decorations is having to take them down in January… Always such a sad time, but lets enjoy them for now and milk this Christmas for all its worth! Also, can you tell that we have a warm and cosy vibe going on downstairs but then upstairs, in our room, it’s a little cooler and more silver. I think this ties in with our grey bedroom wall better. Which do you prefer?!

How have you made your home festive this year?