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Out with the Old: A Christmas Clear Out.

It’s time to make room for all the new Christmas bits!

I love having a good clear out in December, a Christmas clear out! To make way for the lovely gifts we’ve kindly received. Something I’m really trying hard not to do is hoard. It’s so easy to convince yourself that you need absolutely everything, when in reality you don’t.

So, I thought I’d put together this post as a little guide of how to clear things out. So you can decide what to keep and what to donate/re-sell/get rid of.

Where To Start…

I like to go room by room, drawer by drawer and cupboard by cupboard. Breaking the clear out down into more manageable chunks, that you can also leave and come back to the next day. It makes it a less overwhelming job and also means that you don’t have to dedicate your whole day to it, if you don’t have that much time.


I’ll usually take everything out of the drawer/cupboard I’m working on and go through each item. I really ask myself if it’s something that I want or need. I make a few piles; keep, put away somewhere else, charity, give away/sell and bin. I may also have excess packaging that I need to recycle, so I’ll make a recycle pile too.

I will then move on to the next drawer or cupboard in the same room and repeat this process until the first room is finished. I’ll then sort out the piles I made by recycling and binning whatever needs it. I’ll also put together a box of bits that I want to give away to friends or family and also sell, on places like Depop and eBay. Then it’s time to make a start on the next room. I usually prefer to link this in with where I need to re-home the previous bits and bobs that I’ve sorted. That way I’m not creating too big of a pile that will then become unmanageable.

Remember to be ruthless. I’m a nightmare for keeping things that I never use, when actually those bits deserve a better home! It’s hard at first, so I’ll sometimes keep a few things that I’ll then get rid of if I still haven’t used in the next few months. It gets easier the more clear out’s you have too. You begin to get more and more ruthless and it feels SO good.

Enlist some help from family or friends if you need it. I like to do this when sorting through my wardrobe, as sometimes I’ll keep clothes or shoes just for the sake of it. Other people’s opinions can help too, as it will either persuade you to get rid of items you don’t need, or it will make your decision to keep something a lot more clear. Again, the same rule as above works well for clothes. I’ll keep a few bits that I’m not sure on and if I can work them in to my current style and wear them, then I’ll keep. If not, then I’ll get rid!

Do you usually have a Christmas clear out? What tips can you share?