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The Festive Books On My To Read Pile.

The festive books on my reading list…

Oh I do love a good Christmas novel! Especially a romance one – is it obvious that I’m a sucker for anything romantic?! There are a lot of festive books on my list that I’d love to read this month, but I don’t want to set myself up for complete failure, so I’ve only listed a few…

With Love at Christmas by Carole Matthews

Can the imperfect family really have the perfect Christmas? Juliet Joyce adores Christmas. She loves the presents, the tree, the turkey, the tinsel, everything. Already the festive spirit is upon her, which is just as well as this Christmas things are starting to get out of hand.

Her son Tom is out of work and bringing home a slew of unsuitable partners; pregnant daughter Chloe and her little boy have moved back in; Juliet’s father, Frank, is getting over a heartbreak of his own and Rita, her eccentric mother, is behaving more erratically each day. And has the chaos got too much for Juliet’s husband Rick?

With the big day fast approaching, Juliet hopes that she can stop everything spiralling out of control, because the only thing she wants is her family all around her and her home to be filled WITH LOVE AT CHRISTMAS.

This book sounds great – light-hearted, warming and fun. An easy and relatable read I should think!

Highland Fling by Katie Fforde

A change of scene or a change of heart?

When your boyfriend calls you impulsive, what do you do?

If you’re Jenny Porter, you dash off to Scotland determined to save a failing textile mill, of course.

That’s how Jenny finds herself having awkward encounters with the abrasive but disconcertingly attractive Ross Grant.

And then, just as things between Jenny and Ross develop into something more interesting, her boyfriend Henry arrives in Scotland.

Should she do the sensible thing and follow Henry back to London?

Or might her Highland adventure be more than just a fling?

Ooh this sounds good… I can’t wait to read this one! I’m not 100% sure on the storyline, but I’m hoping it will be ‘sensible’ and all will be explained in more detail once I start reading it. A lot of the reviews online are saying that this book is delightful and warming!

A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson

Tis the season to be jolly… But can Eve find happiness through the frost?

Eve has never liked Christmas. So when her adored elderly aunt dies, the last thing she is expecting is to be left a theme park in her will. A theme park with a Christmas theme …

And that’s not the only catch. Her aunt’s will stipulates that Eve must run the park with a mysterious partner, the exotically named Jacques Glace. Who is this Jacques, and why did Aunt Evelyn name him in her will?

But Eve isn’t going to back down from a challenge. She’s determined to make a success of Winterworld, no matter what. Can she overcome her dislike of Christmas, and can Jacques melt her frozen heart at last?

Firstly, how can you not like Christmas?! Secondly, this sounds perfect for me. I love theme parks and the story of people being ‘forced’ to meet and then falling in love… Lets be honest, that’s totally what happens here right?! Sounds right up my street.

Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson

Are happy-ever-afters made in Manhattan? Find out in this gorgeous novel, perfect for cold winter nights.

Once upon a time an English girl went to New York to live out her very own fairytale…
Florist Rosie Duncan’s life couldn’t be better, she has a flourishing business on New York’s Upper West Side and fantastic friends. Moving to Manhattan feels like the best decision she ever made. Even though at the time, it was her escape route from heartbreak . . .

For the past six years Rosie has kept her heart under lock and key, despite the protests of her closest friends – charming, commitment-phobic Ed, unlucky in love Marnie and the one-woman tornado that is Celia.

Then a blossoming friendship with publishing hot-shot Nate begins to shake Rosie’s resolve at the same time as her brother arrives in the Big Apple, hiding a secret.

But a chance meeting brings Rosie face to face with her past, unravelling the mystery behind her arrival in New York. Rosie is forced to confront questions she has long been trying to ignore, including will she ever get her very own happy-ever-after?

A sparkling, romantic comedy about an English girl who finds herself in the city where dreams can come true – or so she thinks…

Oh why is New York so bloody magical?! Another book that was literally made for me, I’m so excited to read this one! Imagine up rooting and going to live in New York… A girl can dream, right?

Well, I am very excited to read all of these and let’s hope that I can read them all. There’s only four, so in theory I should be able to finish one per week… I’ll have to let you know my thoughts over on Instagram!

Which books are on your reading list for this month?