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Waterdrop’s New Microtea.

Waterdrop’s new microtea!

We’re taking a little break from the festive posts today, so that I can talk about Waterdrop’s new microtea! I was recently, very kindly sent a few of the flavours to try along with one of their new small tumblers. As you all know, I’m quite the fan of Waterdrop – I think they’re a great brand selling a really great product. So, let’s see what I thought of the microtea’s.

The Microtea Flavours…

Fruit Fusion – A refreshing blend of Hibiscus, Blueberry and Rosehip, the Fruit Fusion microtea smells absolutely delicious. Very berry and warming, almost like the smell of a blackcurrant soother but without the medicine scent! It has a very subtle berry taste and it’s almost like warm squash (did anyone else ever have that?!), but it’s not strong so it’s super easy to drink. I really love this flavour.

Oriental Spice – With Ginger, Turmeric and Chilli, the Oriental Spice microtea is a fancier take on the classic ginger tea with a hit of spice! I’m not a huge fan of spice in drinks, so I do have to admit that this one wasn’t my favourite. However, I can imagine a lot of people really enjoying this flavour. I’m just miss fussy pants!

White Blossom – An interesting flavour of White Tea, Linden Blossom and Blueberry, the White Blossom microtea is definitely one that tastes better than it smells. I’m not keen on the smell, but the taste is surprising. It’s quite floral, but again in a subtle way – it’s not overpowering at all. White Blossom definitely pleasantly surprised me. It’s a flavour that would be perfect to drink in the evening to wind down, it tastes quite calming, if that’s even possible!

The Small Tumbler…

Waterdrop gifted me the Tangerine option and it’s the perfect rusty Autumn/Winter colour. The small size can hold up to 400ml and, due to the double-walled stainless steel, will keep your drink hot for up to 6 hours. The tumbler also has an innovative comfort closure, making it the ideal companion for on-the-go. Perfect if you’re still going into work or have a job that involves you being out and about. That being said, this is also perfect to take to your working-from-home desk! All of the colour and design options of this tumbler are gorgeous – Waterdrop nail their designs, so beautiful.

Another great release from Waterdrop and I can see the microtea’s being a popular product for them! It’s lovely to have a hot drink alternative that I actually like, as I don’t drink tea or coffee. I really rate this new product and urge you all to try at least one of the flavour’s.

Have you tried Waterdrop’s new microtea?

Disclaimer: This post contains a PR product sent to me, with no obligation to post.