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2021: Goals & Aspirations For This Year.

What are my 2021 goals?

I love setting myself goals and aspirations to work towards. I personally think that they’re great for personal growth and development. I know they’re not for everyone, and that’s ok! But I wanted to share mine, to try and keep myself on track this year. Who knows what this year will throw at us, so I won’t let myself become deflated if I don’t manage to achieve them all. I can carry them into the following year!

My Main Goals…
  • Increase my self-employed work to full time. As a Social Media Manager and Photographer.
  • Visit 3 new places. Either within the UK or the rest of the world.
  • Create stricter routines for myself. Both morning and evening. I’d like a proper ‘bedtime’ routine, as my sleep pattern is all out of whack at the minute! I’d also like to do 10 minutes of Yoga each weekday morning and ensure that I’m exercising every day – whether that’s a walk or a workout.
  • Eat better. I’m a carbaholic, so if I can at least try and cut carbs out of one meal per day then that’s a step in the right direction.
  • Be better at chores. I hate cleaning with a passion! I’ve got myself a little lists book and Mrs Hinch’s cleaning book, so I’m hoping to become less lazy with cleaning. Luckily Kieran’s a domestic gem, so our house is always clean but I need to help him more.
  • Drink more water! I’m literally a human cactus, but it can’t be good for me. So I’m dedicated to making 2021 the year that I actually keep myself constantly hydrated. Starting off, I’m going to try and drink 5 glasses of water a day. I’ll then increase it from there.
  • Buy a house. As long as I can increase my work load, we should be able to do this, this year. If not, 2022 it is!
A Few Extra Little Goals…
  1. Finally hit 1,000 followers on BlogLovin’!
  2. Stick to a consistent blogging schedule. Ideally I’d love to post at least twice a week.
  3. Read 12 books.
  4. Change my mindset to become a more positive person.
  5. Continue to save.
  6. Share more fashion content on my Instagram.

I think that’s probably enough! I’d love to improve myself and grow more this year! As always, you do you. We don’t need to be putting the pressure on anyone right now. If you want to set yourself some goals, go ahead. Equally, if they’re not for you then that’s okay too. Neither way is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ as we’re all individual!

I’d love to know if you’ve set yourself any 2021 goals or aspirations?