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Garage Makeover Ideas

Your garage doesn’t have to be a dull, boring space where you keep all your tools. It can actually be a fabulous addition to your home – somewhere that you actually want to spend your time.

Photo by Luis Yanez from Pexels


Garages are unsung heroes of space on your property. They offer a lot of room – perhaps more than your lounge. 

But making them over is a challenge. You want a beautiful space. But you also need it to be functional as well, just in case you need to store a car or do work on your bicycles. 

Here are some garage makeover ideas you’ll love. 


Add A Furnace

When architects designed garages on most properties, many didn’t see the point of adding heating. After all, who spends time in a garage? It’s a waste of money right? 

Well, not so fast! While people don’t spend a huge amount of time in their garages, they still want to use them, including in the winter when things get a little frosty. 

Adding a furnace is a great way to improve warmth and make the space more attractive. A log fire in the corner is just what you need when working away on projects.


Painted Floor-To-Ceiling Cupboards

Garages should have a similar feel to bedrooms. The “closet” in your garage, for instance, is for storing all your tools and equipment neatly out of sight so that you can enjoy the rest of the room.

If you have space, try installing cupboards along an entire wall. This can help to reduce clutter and keep everything unsightly out of the way until you actually need it. Go as deep as possible, while still allowing enough space for your vehicle. 


Upgrade Your Concrete Floor

Photo by Mike from Pexels

Most garages have concrete floors to provide a surface for supporting heavy vehicles above. It’s functional, but it looks terrible. And it’s not something that makes you want to spend time in the room. 

According to Fusion Coatings, though, you can give the concrete a makeover with special colored coatings. The idea is to add a layer of hardened material over the top of the concrete that makes it more robust and attractive. Ultimately, it helps to make the space feel more like the rest of your interiors – even if it feels a little different on your toes than carpet. 


Give The Garage Some Electrical Power

There should be some power in your garage already for lighting. But many garages don’t have regular electrical outlets, forcing you to run extension cables. 

Giving your garage electrical power, however, can utterly transform how you use the space. You just get an electrician to run a permanent cable along the wall and install some well-placed outlets. Then you can start using the room like anything else. 


Paint It

Lastly, if you have bare breezeblocks in your garage, it’s time for an upgrade. Just a simple combination of plastering and paint can totally change how the room feels and help bring it into the rest of your property. Go with bold colors that make you feel warm, like yellow or orange.