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The Parisian Fashion Trends To Consider This Season

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash


Paris Fashion Week always brings new styles to the runway, as well as our magazines. Although many of us don’t follow fashion trends, however, those of us that do, can adapt the trends to what suits us best. This year, out of over 60 fashion houses, only 18 presented the collections in front of an audience, including Isabel Mara, Belman, Chloe and Kenzo, who exhibited in the open air, while Chanel and Dior exhibited in enclosed spaces – and whilst fashion may have changed during the Covid-19 crisis, there is certainly a lot of shopping to catch up on! 


Some fashion trends continued from previous seasons, such as the eighties and the raised shoulders, which stood out in Belman’s shows; The metallic trend, which made a comeback at Isabel Mara and Acne Studio shows. Also, we saw stockings making a comeback; which are most certainly easy to style. You could look at Wholesale Stockings to get yourself a pair to wear with boots. Also, we saw lots of pops of colours, hot pinks and bright whites, all the shades that put us in a place of contentment following a turbulent few months with Covid-19.


Pink and white

One of the most recurring colours in the designers’ collections was pink, perhaps because of the anticipation of a rosy future and happier days, perhaps a symbol of childhood and innocence and the longing for pandemic-free days. The colour pink was reflected in a lot of collections, in some it was screaming fuchsia pink and in some a little lighter pink, but it certainly could not be missed. You will find that white is a timeless colour and goes well with a summer tan. White is on the one hand romantic and fun but on the other hand also symbolizes surrender and mourning in certain cultures. It symbolizes summer, positivity and it really compliments darker skin tones.



Face coverings were a hot topic last season and have continued but the biggest trend we saw were hats. Plenty of wide-brimmed hats attached to romantic and sheer fabrics, which created a certain cynicism. In one campaign of SS21, the models ‘faces were covered with a transparent red cloth and Paco Raban covered the models’ faces with glittering elements. Hats offer a sophistication and bring an added element to many outfits. 


Comfy but stylish

Many of us have spent months at home and therefore the need for a comfortable outfit is vital. Working from home has allowed us to experiment with lounge wear without the need to have to wear cigarette pants and a white blouse. The athleisure collection was created especially for this. This is a collection in the center of which we will see the “sweatshirt” in various fabrics, from knitwear and cotton to velvet and satin. You will also find a variety of cuts and styles that sweatshirts or vests and in different cuts from tight-fitting to oversized. Bright colours for sportswear has also been seen more. The athleisure allows to produce a comfortable look without sacrificing style.