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Bring Light To Your Home This Summer

Image¬†   When spring arrives we can look forward to longer days, warmer weather, and a fresh looking home. In spring many of us take ourselves with removing any winter elements from our homes as well as clutter to ensure that the whole house feels refreshed and clean for the warmer seasons.¬† One thing that is always great about spring and summer is the extra sunlight we enjoy throughout the house. If you want to improve the amount of natural light you get in your home this spring, here  ...

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Lumie Light Review: Are They Worth It?

Is investing in a Lumie Light worth it? If you’re someone like me, who absolutely hates the sound of an alarm with every ounce of your being (dramatic, I know), then 100% yes. A Lumie Light will definitely be worth it for you. If you also suffer with SAD, then a Lumie Light will make Winter a lot more bearable. There’s something about waking up more naturally and slowly to natural light. It’s much more peaceful than the shock you get from an unbearably loud alarm sound.  ...

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A Few Christmas Candles In My Collection.

It’s time to fill your home with all of the festive scents! I’ve rifled through my collection of candles and picked out all of the Christmas ones to share with you all today. Is there anything better than lighting a festive candle whilst watching a Christmas film? We have a dedicated candle drawer, that’s how many candles I hoard… I’m a huge candle lover, what can I say! So, let’s get into my festive collection… Bath & Body Works Warm Apple Pie  ...

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DIY Christmas Wreath.

I made my first ever Christmas wreath! Myself and two friends decided to do a wreath making class together this month and it was SO good. We had so much fun creating our wreaths and, even though we all had the same foliage and decorative pieces, all of our wreaths looked totally different. I decided to go heavy on that ‘busy’ look for my wreath – anything to distract people from our ugly front door! It’s crazy how much foliage you actually use when creating a wreath.  ...

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