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My 21st Birthday | Outfit, Hair & Makeup ♡

              As there obviously is not enough mention on my blog already involving my 21st birthday, I thought I’d add some more in case you know, you haven’t heard enough already.   I thought I’d share some girly bits and bobs today where I’m talking all things hair, beauty and fashion.   I got my hair done by my hairdresser (who works wonders by the way) and I was aiming for something girly yet sophisticated. I knew that I wanted plaits incorporated somehow and I  ...

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A Day in my Life | MY BIRTHDAY! ♡

I was 21 yesterday! Ahh! How scary is that!? I always dreamed about being 21 and now I am and I don’t feel any different haha!!   So, first thing in the morning I woke up and opened my cards and presents from my family, whilst eating breakfast in my pj’s. I obviously love everything I have received so far and I’m extremely lucky and grateful. Then it was time to go to work.. I was only in for half a day so it really wasn’t that bad and it’s quite nice to go  ...

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6 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self ♡

  Little bit of a different post today that I thought I would try my hand at and see how it goes down/whether I’m good at it or not!? Recently, I’ve been having various conversations with my boyfriend about how I wish I was at school/if I was like what I am now at school then I maybe wouldn’t have got picked on etc. So it got me thinking and I had a little light bulb moment (really don’t get those that often) and was like ‘ah, this would make a good blog  ...

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My 21st Birthday Wishlist ♡

1. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette | 2. Sony A5100 Camera (White) | 3. Entwined Hearts Ring | 4. Posie K by Kylie Cosmetics | 5. Kourt K by Kylie Cosmetics | 6.Topshop MOTO Vintage Borg Western Denim Jacket | 7. Yankee Candle – Vanilla Large Jar | 8. Too Faced Melted Lipstick (Nude) | 9. Casetify Macbook Pro Sleeve | 10. Cath Kinston Button Spot Boxed Ceramic Travel Cup | 11. Dulwich Designs Pretty Glasses Case | 12. Saga form Fruit Infuser Water Bottle | 13. Urban Decay  ...

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