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GIFT GUIDE | Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her!)

Valentine’s Day is only just over a week away, so I thought I’d put together a little gift guide! I do like the idea of Valentine’s Day, however it can easily be perceived as just another money grabbing day for all of the shops involved.. That being said, it is nice to gift/receive a cute little card and I always love picking one out for my other half! We don’t tend to do gifts, as we’d rather save our money for a nice holiday (or a house!), but we do love the  ...

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SKINCARE | My Bath Time Faves

Here are the products I’m currently loving when it comes to showering! ‘My Shower Time Faves’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? Although I would use these exact products if I had a bath anyway, including the cute bath caddy – which I love by the way! Anyway, here are five things I’m using in the shower at the moment and loving! Let’s start with the face, a new addition into my routine is the Magnitone Facial Cleansing Brush. I’m  ...

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SKINCARE | My Current Top 3 Lip Balms

Due to December & January’s dry weather, my lips have also been quite dry and here are three products that I currently swear by… We all know how tough both December and January (and even February!) can be for dry lips and if you suffer with them too, like I do, the you’ll appreciate just how great it is to find a product – or more than one in this instance – that sorts them out and keeps them hydrated. The first balm that I tried out was the Rose & Co  ...

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BEAUTY | My 2017 Beauty Faves

The time has come for me to share my favourite beauty products of 2017! I absolutely love hearing/seeing what everyone has loved throughout the year. There are always great products mentioned and I normally end up adding a few more products to my ever growing wish list! I’m definitely one of those people that doesn’t try new products for ages and when I do find products that work well for me, I’m very reluctant to switch things up and try something new. So, my list is  ...

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