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Styling My New Shelves with Desenio

Styling up my new shelves with Desenio… As soon as we started renting our little house, I knew I wanted some shelving placed just above the telly. That particular wall just goes on forever (all the way to the upstairs!) and I felt like it needed something, just to break it up a little bit.  We bought some shelves from IKEA for around £8 each and, I can’t seem to find them online, but they’re the style with the enclosed edge. Which means it’s easier for me to lean  ...

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The Andrew Barton Duo I’m Loving Right Now + How I’m Keeping My Hair Blonde

The Andrew Barton Kind & Gentle range.. Back towards the beginning of the year, I received three products from Andrew Barton. The Kind & Gentle Shampoo* and Conditioner* and the Heat Protect Spray*.   Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on both the Shampoo and Conditioner from the range. I have been using both for a good few weeks now, so I thought it was the best time to share my review.    I have to start off by mentioning that both of these products smell amazing. Not  ...

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MABBOO Review; A Sustainable Lifestyle

How to live a more sustainable lifestyle with MABBOO.. I recently received the most generous package from MABBOO*, containing lots of their items in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m always eager to discover new sustainable/eco & environmentally friendly brands – there is never enough we can do for our world and environment. This is something that is super important to me. Plastic waste is a huge issue right now and it’s something we all need to work  ...

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September Flowers from Prestige

September’s bouquet is super quirky! I love it! Wow, I have never before seen a bunch of flowers like this! They’re so interesting, fun, cool and quirky. Not to mention colourful too! This month’s edition is called the Pandora*. Last month’s bouquet was honestly gorgeous, so let’s see how this one lives up to it.. The Packaging As always, there isn’t much to say about the packaging as it’s exactly the same each month. The flowers are always packaged  ...

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