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Just A Few NIVEA Goodies

NIVEA is such a classic and well-known brand, here’s a few bits I received… I have recently become part of the NIVEA family (pinch me!) and was very kindly sent over a super generous package full of a few goodies, that I thought I’d share with you today. I have used NIVEA products for as long as I can remember, they are just cult classics really aren’t they? Everyone knows, uses and loves their products! So I feel very lucky to be a part of the NIVEA family. NIVEA  ...

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Life Update: What’s Been Going On?!

It’s time to have a proper catch up… I do love a good honest chat and a lot has been going on recently. I’m not particularly fond of talking about things ‘in the moment’, as it can be a bit embarrassing. Even though there’s never anything to be embarrassed about, we all feel like we ‘fail’ at life sometimes. So I wanted to share this little life update to let you all in, so you can find out what the hell has been going on with me recently!  ...

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A Little Look Back on September

Well, Autumn is definitely in full swing with all this rain we’ve been having throughout September! I do love Autumn and even Winter (but only December, obvs) because I love any excuse to get all cosy and snuggled up. The warm weather is well and truly behind us now and I think it’s safe for us to whack out the big, warm jumpers and boots! It’s officially been over one whole month since our flying visit to New York and I still can’t believe it. Where does the time  ...

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Styling My New Shelves with Desenio

Styling up my new shelves with Desenio… As soon as we started renting our little house, I knew I wanted some shelving placed just above the telly. That particular wall just goes on forever (all the way to the upstairs!) and I felt like it needed something, just to break it up a little bit.  We bought some shelves from IKEA for around £8 each and, I can’t seem to find them online, but they’re the style with the enclosed edge. Which means it’s easier for me to lean  ...

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