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ADVICE | How I Transitioned Into a New Hair Washing Routine

I have recently switched things up with my haircare and here’s how I’ve been getting on… I’ve always been one of those girls that washes her hair every other night with one load of shampoo and one load of conditioner. I have been reading a few different blog posts on washing your hair less frequently and how it can be healthier for it, so I decided to give it a go myself and slowly work my way into washing my hair less. I know this topic is becoming quite popular,  ...

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FASHION | Henry London Watch

Watches are definitely one of my favourite accessories to wear and I never go a day without wearing one! I have quite a few in my collection – five I think now – and yeah, pretty much all of them are gold! I just feel like the gold compliments my skin tone better than silver and rose gold do. I was recently contacted by the lovely India at Henry London and she asked if I would like to receive a watch (*thank you!!*), of course I jumped at the chance because their watches are  ...

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FITNESS | My Top 5 Tips for Sticking to a Weekly Routine

I’m no fitness junkie, but I thought I’d share my tips on how I manage to stick to a weekly fitness routine.. I used to hate exercise. I did gymnastics for seven years five times a week and once I quit, I told myself I’d done enough exercise over those seven years to never exercise again (I did a little bit of dance, but quit that as well). So it took a while for me to tell myself that I needed to exercise and get myself back into a routine and stop sitting in a slump at  ...

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GIFT GUIDE | Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her!)

Valentine’s Day is only just over a week away, so I thought I’d put together a little gift guide! I do like the idea of Valentine’s Day, however it can easily be perceived as just another money grabbing day for all of the shops involved.. That being said, it is nice to gift/receive a cute little card and I always love picking one out for my other half! We don’t tend to do gifts, as we’d rather save our money for a nice holiday (or a house!), but we do love the  ...

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