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A Festive Christmas Day Makeup Look.

The makeup that I’ll be wearing on Christmas Day! Christmas Day is the perfect excuse to get a bit dressed up and feel good. I like to make an effort with my makeup and outfit on Christmas Day. But then add slippers for ultimate comfort levels! Also, if you can’t wear a glittery eye makeup look on Christmas Day then when can you?! I opted for a burgundy red lip for this look. However, I definitely won’t bother with lipstick on the actual day because; food. Firstly, I  ...

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Festive Hot Chocolate Ideas.

5 hot chocolate ideas perfect for Christmas Eve… Fancy a little bit of festive hot chocolate inspiration? I’ve got a few ideas to really add a festive twist to your ordinary hot chocolates! Perfect to settle down on Christmas Eve with underneath a blanket whilst watching your favourite festive film. Oh, and don’t forget the snacks either!   Mint Hot Chocolate Is there anything more festive than mint? After Eight’s, Matchmakers… Those are a couple of our  ...

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How To: Have A Festive Night In.

The ultimate festive night in… This year feels a little different doesn’t it? Especially with yesterday’s news… It’s not what any of us wanted to hear and it’s left us all feeling disheartened and a little less festive too. So I thought I’d put together this post, sharing how you can have the ultimate festive night in! Firstly, you need to pick a Christmas film to watch. If you’re stuck and don’t know which one to choose, I put together  ...

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Lumie Light Review: Are They Worth It?

Is investing in a Lumie Light worth it? If you’re someone like me, who absolutely hates the sound of an alarm with every ounce of your being (dramatic, I know), then 100% yes. A Lumie Light will definitely be worth it for you. If you also suffer with SAD, then a Lumie Light will make Winter a lot more bearable. There’s something about waking up more naturally and slowly to natural light. It’s much more peaceful than the shock you get from an unbearably loud alarm sound.  ...

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