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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation | Review ♡

Firstly, I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS FOUNDATION. Oh my goodness, if I could insert singing angels right now then I totally would! I know that you may think I’m crazy/over-exaggerating/weird buuuuut, this foundation really is worth the hype. It took me a little while to actually jump on the band wagon and splurge £31 on this foundation, but I eventually did and I am now kicking myself for not being more of a sheep (baaa) a bit earlier. You know, sometimes it IS ok to follow the crowd  ...

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10 Places I’d Love To Travel To ♡

  *Image taken from Google here* 1. Australia is definitely number one on my wishlist of places to travel to and see. It looks like an amazing place to visit and it definitely would be an experience. Also, I swear the weather is like glorious pretty much all of the time (compared to England anyway..) *Image taken from Google here* 2. Bali would be a dream. It looks like an awesome place to visit and would definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Learning from the culture would  ...

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2015 Beauty Faves ♡

I know, I know, this post is well overdue as we are NOW IN FEBRUARY (is this what happens when you get older? Time just flies by and you can’t keep up?) but it still feels like January so we’re just going to roll with it because there’s no rule book when it comes to blogging, right?       Morphe Brushes – Jaclyn Hill Favourites Palette One of the first beauts of 2015 was definitely my Jaclyn Hill Favourites Morphe Brushes Palette (which is now well out  ...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her ♡

1. Pandora Delicate Heart Ring (Pink or Silver) – £35.00 2. Yankee Candle Valentines 5 Votive Giftset – £8.99 3. H.Samuel Hot Diamonds Silver Heart Earrings – £45 4. Kate Spade Cedar Street Small Hayden Bag (Pink) – £268 5. Essie Lux Duo a Sprinkle in Pink 27ml – £12.99 6. Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles Grand – £20 7. Casetify Confetti Hearts iPhone Case – £24.99 8. Diptyque Rosaviola Valentine Candle – £28 9. Links of London Kindred  ...

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