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Foundation Brushes | Review ♡

  I think that 5 foundation brushes is a substantial amount, right? So I thought that it was about time I reviewed each one in case any of you beauty lovers out there were on the look out for a new foundation brush/sponge. I own two brushes and one sponge from Real Techniques, one brush from Sigma and one brush from Zoeva. Both Sigma and Zoeva ship to the UK, but Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay are UK stockists.   Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge   This is my most recent  ...

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My 21st Birthday | Outfit, Hair & Makeup ♡

              As there obviously is not enough mention on my blog already involving my 21st birthday, I thought I’d add some more in case you know, you haven’t heard enough already.   I thought I’d share some girly bits and bobs today where I’m talking all things hair, beauty and fashion.   I got my hair done by my hairdresser (who works wonders by the way) and I was aiming for something girly yet sophisticated. I knew that I wanted plaits incorporated somehow and I  ...

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Wishlist | New Makeup Releases ♡

There’s been quite a few new makeup releases over the past couple of month’s and it’s definitely safe to say that I’ve had my beady little eye on them – as I’m pretty sure most of you guy’s will have as well! 1. Too Faced ‘Sweet Peaches’ Palette 2. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush (Camellia) 3. Urban Decay ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ Eyeshadow Palette 4. Mac Cosmetics Lipstick | Vibe Tribe –  ...

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A Day in my Life | MY BIRTHDAY! ♡

I was 21 yesterday! Ahh! How scary is that!? I always dreamed about being 21 and now I am and I don’t feel any different haha!!   So, first thing in the morning I woke up and opened my cards and presents from my family, whilst eating breakfast in my pj’s. I obviously love everything I have received so far and I’m extremely lucky and grateful. Then it was time to go to work.. I was only in for half a day so it really wasn’t that bad and it’s quite nice to go  ...

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